Gary Stutte, PhD.

About Gary Stutte

Gary Stutte is a Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator with Dynamac Corporation at Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, USA. Dr. Stutte has published extensively in the field of plant physiology, horticulture and controlled environment technology and space research with 135 research articles in peer reviewed journals and 1 patent to date. He has led the implementation of NASA’s research efforts in controlled environment research at Dynamac Corporation at Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, U.S.A. since 1993 and has been the Principal Investigator for multi-million dollar, multi-disciplinary teams to define the impacts of space flight and controlled environment conditions on growth, development, physiology and molecular biology of plants being considered for long duration space missions. He has designed chambers to conduct research with particular emphasis on the role of the environment conditions on the productivity of plants and enhancement of nutraceutical value of the plants. Dr. Stutte was the Principal Investigator on the most complex plant growth experiment that NASA has ever conducted in space, PESTO, that was conducted onboard the International Space Station in 2002. The research resulted in 3 primary manuscripts in the Journal Planta and an additional 19 manuscripts of research associated with the development and follow-up of research. Dr. Stutte was on the faculty of the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland for 6 years and taught undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental horticulture and directed both M.Sc. and Ph.D. level students. He has served as M.Sc. and Ph.D. advisor for graduate students at the University of Florida, Gainesville and is an examining reviewer for Kuwait University.